Do it yourself CCVT and alarms – Pros and Cons

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When it comes to home security, like some people you might want to save money by installing alarm systems and CCTV yourself.

cheaper is not always better – especially when it comes to your security!

How do you choose the best options for your home though?

in 35 years of experience, Theft Prevention has figured out the best options to consider for your electronic home security:

1. Easy to install

even if you are very handy, security systems and cameras have to mostly be installed by professionals. So if you want to install them yourself, it is better to choose the ones made  for self-installation specifically.

2. Technical Support

When buying systems, its important to have professionals at hand that are helping you out and mantain your security for you.

3. High resolution

To be able to actually prosecute potential criminals, you should choose a system that makes it possible to recognize faces and identify them.

4. Easy to use

Did you know there are systems that make it possible to be turned on and off on your smartphone?
even better these systems can also actually send pictures to your phone so you know exactly what happens.

THEFT PREVENTION offers do it yourself alarm and CCTV security camera kits that are easy to install, very easy to use and send pictures to your phone, have the best resolution of all home security systems and we support you all the way

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