How to develop an effective security strategy

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When developing a strategy for your security, it is important to not only install equipment and hire staff, but to actually outline a program that will ensure your security in a sustainable way.
Holistic approaches to security are still rare and mostly major corporations implement them from the start. There are many threats even small and medium businesses have to face and therefore it is important to establish a strategy for your security from the start.


But what are the key factors to consider when developing such a program?

  1. Ensuring the right mix of policy, procedures, security measures
  2. Communication, education and awareness – best is to have them assessed by professionals
  3. Understanding the business
  4. Risk management – by aligning your strategy to ISO standards
  5. Operational plans – Swot analysis, surveys and benchmarking

In a nutshell, the right mix of PPPT
Physical Security

Are what makes a security program effective and easy to implement.

Theft Prevention has over 40 years of experience in developing a security strategy for small and medium businesses and even large corporations.

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