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  • General retail stores have the highest incidence of unarmed robbery of any retail industry type.
  • Retail stores also have the second highest incidence of burglary, shoplifting, cheque and credit card fraud and assaults.
  • 57% of all retail stores have suffered some form of retail crime and they suffer 20% of all retail crimes.
  • There are ten times the numbers of retail stores that have experienced shoplifting more than once, than those that have experienced it just once.
  • Retail stores suffer 22% of all shoplifting crimes.
  • General retail storeowners and/or staff suffer the third highest rate of armed robberies, as well as theft of motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles.
  • 31% of all general retail stores have been burgled and 13% have been burgled more than once.
  • For every one retail store that has suffered cheque and/or credit card fraud once, three have experienced it more than once.
  • Five retail stores have experienced vandalism more than once, for every one retail store that has suffered vandalism just once.
  • More than any other retail industry type, retail stores have a propensity to suffer vandalism, cheque/credit card fraud and especially, shoplifting, on a repetitive basis.
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