Smartphone apps – the new generation of security control

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With the growing number of smartphones (there are more than seven billion subscriptions now worldwide), the security industry adapted and smartphone apps are part of most modern security and alarm systems.
The more new business models and apps were released, the more concerns are increasing regarding security threats against smartphone users. Just like personal computers, smartphones have to be secured against viruses and Trojans to be really safe.
As a device that makes it possible to conveniently provide to handle all activities of daily life in one, smartphones are now the most valuable source of intimate and private information.



Be aware that not all developers pay attention to security as much as using an app to govern your security system would actually entail.
Our recommendations to benefit most of using a smartphone app for your security system:

  1. Make sure the apps are authorized by Google Play, Kindle or Apple. That way you can at least be sure it’s legit and wasn’t developed to use your data.
  2. Only use apps that are recommended by someone else and have high rankings
  3. Don’t let the app access your private data
  4. If you are a small or medium business, be aware of the potential risks and only use apps recommended by your security company
  5. Use PIN and key lock codes
  6. Always install the latest updates to make sure security threats are dealt with appropriately
  7. Back up regularly
  8. Make sure to reset your device to the factory settings when selling or throwing your smartphone

Ask us for advice on which apps to get together with the right security systems for your business


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