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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is all around us, from the supermarket to the $2 shop, the service station to the football ground. Video surveillance systems act as a way to protect not only the public’s welfare, but also the safety and security of our homes and businesses. Installing a video surveillance system at your Melbourne business could be the difference between an unharmed workplace and huge losses due to theft.

More and more businesses recognise the value of CCTV as an everyday aid to:

  • Increase staff efficiency and customer service
  • Reduce theft
  • Provide a record of events
  • Provide quantitative confirmation
  • Provide a choice of visibility
  • Reduce OH&S issues
  • Assist as self-awareness monitors – self-awareness monitors play a large role in reducing external theft

Expert surveillance systems Melbourne wide

Theft Prevention is the industry expert in digital video recording, and utilises proven methods to reduce your theft by as much as 80%. Camera selection is imperative in your workplace video surveillance system, as having the wrong kind of camera could render your system setup useless. Theft Prevention cares about the quality of images you will be recording. Quality video surveillance cameras are the key to reducing internal theft.

Power supplies, fans and hard drives – These are potentially the weak links in all surveillance systems, so we take care to use the best so that our customer never experiences a breakdown.
Power Supplies: We use 5 amp power supplies not 1.5 amp.

Fans: We use quality ball bearing motors.

Hard Drives: Our operating systems are not on the hard drive, so if it fails the system will keep operating.

View some examples of the technology we use in our surveillance cameras on YouTube

For more information on how Theft Prevention can tailor a video surveillance system built to suit your requirements, please contact us!

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